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Locksmith & Safe Professionals

Your Safes Locksmith in Sarasota, FL

Protecting Your Most Valuable Things


Home safes are an excellent security measure that can guard your most valuable and meaningful possessions. Heirlooms, jewelry, important documents and identification items deserve the best protection available. When you lose your safe’s key, however, we’re here to help.



Professional, Prompt and Affordable

Sarasota's friendly and licensed team provides the following services for you: 

  • Quick and easy safe opening

  • Repairs, maintenance and refurbishment

  • Antique safe locks and keys

  • Change safe combination

Lost Keys and Combinations

Life is full of surprises, and you may misplace your combination or lose your access key. It is important to avoid attempting forceful entry into your safe that may trigger security measures within its structure that make professional entry even more difficult.

Whether the unit’s batteries are dead, the bolt mechanism is jamming, your code has been deactivated or the wiring is bad, our team of friendly and highly experienced locksmiths will reopen your safe quickly and in a manner that will protect your contents.

Your Common Questions

How Long Will Re-entry Take?

Depending on the type of safe you have and previous attempts at forcible re-entry, we estimate re-entry requiring anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours.

Will a Locksmith Damage Your Safe?

The trained technicians at Sarasota Lock & Key will do everything possible to avoid damaging your safe. The type of your safe and any previous attempts to forcibly re-enter it will determine whether access can be accomplished without damaging the safe. We will discuss your options before we begin.

Will My Valuables be Damaged?

Our team is highly experienced to open safes without damaging the contents. In some circumstances, we may need to cut into the safe to gain entry and, depending on the contents, damage may be more likely. We do everything possible to avoid this and will take no risks without your permission. Contact us today for more information.


Locksmiths You Can Trust in Sarasota, FL 

Fast. Reliable. Affordable.

Nothing is more important than feeling secure in your own home or protecting your property at a commercial facility. That’s why Sarasota Lock & Key provides you with the dependable locksmith services you need to rest assured each night when you lock your door.

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