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Locksmith & Safe Professionals



Residential Services 

At one time or another, you’ve probably felt that sinking feeling after you shut the door and realize that your keys are still inside. Don’t hassle with climbing through the window and risking injury or damage to your property: call Sarasota Lock & Key for quick and professional assistance.


Commercial Services 

Your office and warehouse equipment are some of the most valuable assets that your business owns. At Sarasota Lock & Key., we understand how important it is that you do everything possible to protect your investments.


Safe Services 

Home safes are an excellent security measure that can guard your most valuable and meaningful possessions. Heirlooms, jewelry, important documents and identification items deserve the best protection available. When you lose your safe’s key, however, we’re here to help.

Locksmiths You Can Trust in Sarasota, FL 

Fast. Reliable. Affordable.

Nothing is more important than feeling secure in your own home or protecting your property at a commercial facility. That’s why Sarasota Lock & Key provides you with the dependable locksmith services you need to rest assured each night when you lock your door.

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